time passers

Ways to get through class these days:



dena boy

Finally took some photos with a friend of mine, Alex Larrimore, or Dena Boy. Two A.M. inspiration is hard to come by, but it’s pretty dope once its found.


china doll

Bella Gantman and I teamed up in LA to mesh ideas and create something unlike ARTBARF’s typical photo shoots. I didn’t want my “comeback” to be so ordinary and plain so I decided to actually try shooting with flash for once!

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montaña de oro

Exploring in  SLO with David and Jake! We ended up at  Montaña de Oro and did some climbing. I have never been more thankful to own a fisheye lens!

three weeks later

Good news! I actually didn’t drop off the face of the earth. I have just been living the college life in San Luis Obispo! I’ve made some art. decorated an entire apartment, met amazing people, acquired a pet and had the most amazing weeks. I had my little ARTBARF break, but I’m back.


50 shades of noe

Went camping at Jalama state beach with family and Noe came up for a couple days!  I had never photographed someone so comfortable in front of a camera, and he definitely surprised himself as well. Prepare to see a LOT  more of this face (and chest)!

sink swim and juliet!

Attended a show at the  118 West, (formerly known as Big Brother studios), (that’s right, the famous Big Brother from my favorite book 1984)! Anyway, Juliet Piper and Sink Swim tag teamed to form a beautiful show (with amazing lighting!).

This was show number one for Sink Swim and they blew everyone away. I was lucky enough to capture some moments from the show, which you will see down there  ↓

So Juliet played first with the lovely brothers Charlie, and  Thomas, (who can play every instrument imaginable).

Then came the fog machine.